Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello Susan! You've got Inspiration.

I am member and go to Pinelake Church in Brandon, MS.  This campus is beautiful.  I just thought this Sunday when part of my Small Group and I was sitting on these wonderful couches after the service this church has so much inspiration in.  I have never been to a church that has so many paintings.  I keep staring at this beautiful abstract painting while they were gabbing it up.  I made a version of this painting on card stock with Stampin' Up! reinkers and a huge butterfly stamp.  Oh and I used glitter glue.

Of course theirs is much more vibrant and they have professional lighting.  But I have butterflies and glitter glue.  I definitely need to work on my technique and add some bright colors to my palette.  You are now free to fly about your day.

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