Monday, March 18, 2013

All that Glitters is Gold

Well, it is Monday.
I have another picture of a painting to show y'all.  And a special photo that is not a typically a painting.
I found this in my archive of photos.  I made this magnet from Stampin' Up! DSP and a K-cup coffee box.  The embelly is a flower from Stampin' Up!  I love these.  My whole refrigerator should be covered in them.  I do have two others of a different style on my refrigerator.  My cat loves to play with them.  She get on top of the refrigerator and bats them with her paw.  She gets them to fall to the floor. Then she picks them up with her sharp teeth and carries them to the bed.  She leaves them as presents.

This painting was fun to do.  I painted the background colors (blue, yellow, & green).  And then I tore strips of newspaper to make the trunk of the trees.  I use white glue to paste the newspaper to the canvas.  And I painted little dots for the leaves.
This is the Special picture of my painted nails.  They are stick on nail polish strips from Incoco.  I like they way they glitter and sparkle in the light. Check out and Rock On! 

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