Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome to the Creative Zone!

You're traveling through another dimension. This dimension is not only of creativity and sight but of my mind.  Your journey into this wondrous land whose boundaries are that of a keen imagination.  Your next stop...the Creative Zone.

 Since we have entered the Creative Zone.  I painted this last night.  I used acrylic paint, blue ink with my spritzer, & a gold marker.  Card stock makes for a wonderful medium for acrylic paint.  Did you know that acrylic paint trumps blue ink and water.  I didn't know this until I start spritzing the ink and water on the paper.  It just rolled right off the acrylic paint and onto the paper. 
Shh...Magic is sleeping.  She likes to sleep about 8 hours during the day. And then she wakes for her dinner.  And then she goes back to sleep.  My cat is so still when she sleeps that she looks like she is a statue.  This is Magic curled up in a circle on a blanket while I was on the computer yesterday.  She knows that she owns the house. I just get to live in the house so that someone can make sure she gets her can food. 

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